Sunday, October 16, 2005

The so-called “parkway”, the space situated between the sidewalk and the street, is a wasted space. Therefore, against the rules of the Los Angeles Municipal Code which prohibits “obstructions in public rights-of-way”, I have claimed the parkway in front of our house to grow vegetables in a raised garden bed. I hate cars anyways, and this space exists merely for the convenience of corpulent motorists to ease the transition from the seats of their bloated gas-guzzling SUVS to their equally bloated Barcaloungers. Make them walk a few feet! In fact, make them walk around my beets, leeks, garlic, beans, onions, turnips calendula and poppies!

Some possible problems: I could be busted by a building inspector or the Bureau of Street Services, I may have merely created a large cat litter box, the wood could be tagged, I could be the victim of turnip thieves (rustlers?). Such are the perils of agriculture in an urban environment.

But, if all goes well, in a few months I’ll have some tasty vegetables for our household and for the neighbors.


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